Frequently Asked Questions About Edibles

We’ve taken some time to answer some of the more frequently asked questions about edibles here. No matter what level of cannabis experience you have, you should always seek to expand your library of cannabis knowledge so that you can make the most informed decisions as possible. Cannabis is not for everyone, so we’ve tried to maintain an unbiased viewpoint for those on the fence about it.

1. How Many MG of THC Should a Beginner Take?

Start low and take it slow. Everyone responds differently to cannabis, some may feel nothing from 25mg THC gummy, whereas others might be overwhelmed by just 10mg. The safest thing to do is to start with a low dose and increase your dosage from there over time.

We recommend beginners start with 5-7mg of THC for a calm intro into the holistic product. Our Sweet Bud Variety Pack is perfect for beginners as each gummy is only 10mg, all you need to start is a half gummy!

2. CBD vs THC. What’s the Difference?

These are two of the most well known/abundant of the over 100 cannabinoids derived from the Cannabis/Marijuana plant.

THC provides the euphoric “high” feeling you get from consuming or smoking Cannabis. It’s the giddy, giggly feeling you get an hour into eating one of our edibles. Some have reported that higher doses of THC (15mg+) can cause anxiety levels to spike which is why we always say, start LOW and go SLOW.

CBD, on the other hand, contains NO psychoactive effects. People praise CBD for its relaxing effects on the body and mind such as reports of decreases in anxiety levels, helping with sleep troubles, and resetting joint pain to a normal state.

3. Is Weed Legal in Canada?

Recreational cannabis was legalized in Canada as of October 17th, 2018. Recreational cannabis edibles were legalized on October 17th, 2019. You can order Government weed online, but I suggest you do some research before buying…

Unfortunately, despite legalization, government weed just doesn’t cut it. The quality is laughable at best. My mom ordered some on day one to make sure she was following the rules… it arrived at her door with MOLD on it.

We only sell the Highest Quality, Craft Edible Cannabis that Vancouver Island has to offer. We enforce this by enacting a very strict Third-Party Testing Policy on all products that we sell so that we can guarantee no funny business.

4. How Old Do You Need to Be to Purchase?

You MUST be at least 19 years old in Canada and over 21 in select states of the US to purchase any form of Cannabis product. We have a strict age-verification process that requires you to input a photo ID verifying your age before you have access to purchasing any of our products. You can create an account here.

Also, keep in mind that you will need to confirm your age with 2 pieces of government-issued ID upon arrival of your product, and if failed to provide then you will be charged a labour fee.

5. Can Cannabis Relieve Chronic Pain?

Since we are a non-medical, strictly recreational cannabis site, we cannot guarantee that any cannabis product is either good or bad for relieving pain. That said, there have been tonnes of personal reports and stories of people’s lifelong pain being reduced from the use of cannabis, that we suggest you look into. Before trying any Cannabis product it’s highly recommended that you check in with your local doctor to ask any questions about competing medications or possible negative interactions with underlying health issues.

6. What Do I Do If I’m Feeling Overwhelmed After Taking An Edible?

If at any point after consuming or smoking cannabis you feel overwhelmed or scared, the best thing you can do is drink some water, eat some food, and try to relax or take a nap. Trying to fight it and interact with people will only escalate the negative effects. Remember to take note of how much you had so that you can adjust/reduce your intake in the future!

Thanks for taking the time to read some of these frequently asked questions.

Do You Have a Question That You’d Like Us to Answer?

Shoot us a message here, and we’ll happily throw it up!

Start Low, Go Slow, and Always Be Mindful.
-The Team at Edible Flowers

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