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Indulge in the amazing medicinal benefits that the marijuana plant provides!

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Edbl Flowers is one of the safest and most reliable sources for edible products on the market. Over the years we have gained numerous testimonies, reviews, and satisfied customers. Read our “About us” page and check out our Instagram, you will then understand our high loyalty and drive to get the best craft edible products to the people who need it.

EdblFlowers compassion program caters directly to medical patients. A medical card is not required by law. We are one of many dispensaries in Victoria (250+ in Canada) that are not operating under the federally-approved medical marijuana system. City Hall and VPD have allowed dispensaries to proliferate so people can safely access medicine, so long as there are no sales to minors or any organized crime affiliations.

Anyone who is of legal age in their Province/Region. 18+ in Alberta, Manitoba, and Quebec; 19+ everywhere else in Canada.

Go to our “How to Order” section here and follow 6 easy steps.

Go to our “How to Pay” page and follow the steps. If paying by E-Transfer, make sure to wait 30-60 minutes for your transfer to confirm. Cash on delivery is only available within the greater Victoria, B.C. region. 

For Victoria Only

We can not guarantee your edibles will arrive the same day. Communicate with the delivery driver who is texting you and they might be able to deliver your order the same day. 

Everywhere else in Canada: Your edibles will be shipped the following day. Once shipped, a tracking # will be texted to you immediately. If you are located within B.C., your edibles should be expected in 2-3 business days. If you are outside of B.C., your edibles should be expected within 4-7 business days.

Indicas are said to deliver more of a “body high,” while sativas deliver more of a “mind high.”. Also, many believe that Indica’s are best for sleep, while Sativa’s are best for getting something done. These beliefs are common but not always accurate. Everyone’s body reacts differently to different products, as one of our customers once said “I love taking the Twisted Extracts ZZZ bomb (Indica) and working out in the gym!”. Please test out different strains and products to see what “high” is best for you.

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Have an inquiry about your current order or any other question? Simply reach out to us and we'll get back to you within 24 hours!

About Us

"To provide safe, professional and consistent products. To educate and support our customers in an environment of wellness and respect. "

EdblFlowers was established in 2018 with one goal in mind: an online dispensary supplying the best craft edibles on the market to the people who need it the most. What makes our website unique is its focus on a niche market, edible products. We understand the cannabis industry, and have seen a plethora of products scattered all across the board, the good, the bad, and the ugly. Understanding that some products are better than others, we have created a one stop shop for the best and most reliable products and brands on the market. This includes: highest rated and best selling products and brands. Our team is passionate about cannabis and it’s amazing healing effects. We take a holistic approach, which is about providing for your physical, mental, spiritual, and social needs. Enjoy our line-up of the best edibles on market.

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